materials: mahogany barley twist table, wind up clock, a can of stella

A mechanical gramophone made in 24 hours from scrap materials.

The inspiration for the Duchess came from the place it was initially conceived, an abandoned hat makers. The studio was scattered with materials which provided us with an exciting range of things to work with. We found old hatters felt which we used to sit the record on and an old hat box which was then dismounted and re-made into the horn. We sat our gramophone on an old barley twist mahogany table which we found in an attic. The Duchess is powered by an old clock mechanism which was bought for £3 at Deptford Market, later dismantled and altered to our specific requirements. The Diaphram and connecting apparatus was constructed from a beer can and scrap copper pipe purchased for two pounds from the scrap yard.

In collaboration with Nick Parnell, Ben Tyres and Nathan Johnson.

Stop Motion of the 24 hours on Vimeo

Organized by: Hendzel + Hunt

Photography by Ed Kulakowski